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Laura Potrović
Becoming Body as Self-organizing, Metamorphic Form of Life

This paper deals with the (im)possibility of a singular embodied movement language, body as autopoietic, dynamic system, body movement reorganization, interaction between singular and plural bodies, creating an emergent context or parameters of Becoming the transformative BodyScape, VoiceScape, and GazeScape within one integral performance RelationScape. How do we put these relations into the process of having, being and Becoming the body itself? How can we rethink the body as a heterogeneous dynamic system of transformation that makes the reinvention of singular BodyScape partiture possible and shareable? How do we bodily relate and scape the physical, emergent singularity of the words; by breath, movement, voice, gaze? Can we consider interaction, transformation and reorganization as parameters of the Becoming Body, or the singular, Becoming plural – BodyScape partiture? This paper also deals with the theme of situated, combined embodiment, metamorphic intelligence and Bergson's idea of life as potentiality of form itself. According to Bergson, body can be considered as multiplicity of potential variations (becoming plant of the animal (form), becoming animal of the plant (form), becoming-plant-and-animal of human (form), becoming-human of plant and animal (form)). How can we from choreographic or dramaturgical perspective create a situation in which performer's body could become self-organizing, metamorphic tool of potential life (bios-zoe-techne)?