IMAGES Journal for Visual Studies


Žarko Paić

Visual Communication

With his innovative approach to the term of visual communication, Žarko Paić leaves the traditional semiotic relation of pictures and meaning in the virtual space of digital culture, being inclined towards the naming of a new reality and advocating a new interdisciplinarily based study of media communication through the picture. Thus, Paić does not talk about visual communication in the sense of pictorial semiotics of the postmodernism, but rather, in line with the media theories of Mitchell, Manovich and Mersch, about what presents itself as the fundamental problem of critical thought – about the visual construction of culture as a communication product.

Krešimir Purgar (Ed.)

Visual Studies

This collection of papers aims to introduce the Croatian public to a new, exceptionally dynamic discipline which in the course of the past fifteen years increasingly gained popularity, especially in American academic and scholarly circles – visual studies. This discipline today is able to raise questions concerning the entire field of visuality, reaching from art history and visual semiotics to popular culture, film, advertising, etc., offering, more importantly, through the interaction of these disciplines, some significant answers or at least methodologies through which we may access modern visual expressions.

Sonja Briski Uzelac

Visual Text

This book by Sonja Briski Uzelac sets a wide thematic perimeter of discussion about the theory and practice of modern art, showing that art history, just like other humanistic and social sciences, entered its "post-epistemological era" in which the boundaries of its parent field are transgressed, loosing its disciplinary focal point. The studies in this book point to new paradigms of the picture, which are constructed as a media extensions of the field of visuality, repositioning the object of art according to the textuality of pictorial expressions.