IMAGES Journal for Visual Studies

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The Center for Visual Studies gathers young as well as established scientists working in the fields of visual culture, image science, film, cultural studies and literature who wish to participate in a scientific interpretation of contemporary visual phenomena.  The Center gathers its contributors around different research projects, conceived and carried out by the Center itself or in partnership with other Croatian or international institutions. Apart from its research activities carried out in the framework of so-called collaboration platforms, i.e. by co-operating with partner institutions, the Center publishes Images, an international, peer-reviewed online journal for visual studies, serving as a regular form of communication with the scientific community and the expert public. The Center's contributors use scholarships and other forms of financial support to fund their sojourns abroad, where they work on projects implemented by the Center or a collaborating institution. They also propose and lead expert projects on an equal footing. Apart from the founder and head of the Centre, Krešimir Purgar, Ph.D. student of Literature, Culture, Performing Arts and Film at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, many university professors, students, postgraduate students, curators as well as research fellows and scientists of a broad humanistic profile from Croatia and the world participate in the Center's activities. Those involved in previous and current projects include (in alphabetical order):