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Visual Studies Today – The Power of Images

Center for Visual Studies, Zagreb, TVRĐA – magazine for theory, culture and visual arts, Croatian Writers Association, Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb and Association “White Wave”, Zagreb, invite you to a four-day event entitled Visual Studies Today – The Power of Images. The programme comprises of an international scientific conference Visual Studies as Academic Discipline from 7th to 8th November 2013 and a series of public lectures, round-table discussions and performances – Subversive Art & Theory from 9th to 10th November. After the conference Visual Construction of Culture held in 2007, the present conference and the whole event aim to investigate the actual state of affairs within the discipline of visual studies in Croatia, Europe and the world. After having received applications from numerous scholars around the globe, scientific board has selected thirty-four lectures to be presented during the conference and discussed with the participation of the audience focusing on contemporary challenges and further establishment of image science and visual culture in general. In addition to selected scholars, it is our great pleasure to be able to host professor W.J.T. Mitchell from the University of Chicago, our key-note speaker and one of the most consistent proponents of visual studies in the world; moreover, we proudly present our plenary speakers, professor Marquard Smith from the Westminster University in London, founder and chief editor of the influential Journal for Visual Culture as well as Michele Cometa from the University of Palermo, one of the most versatile members of the so called continental European school of visual and cultural studies.

Presented the first issue of the on-line magazine IMAGES – Journal for visual studies

The first specialized on-line magazine for visual studies in Southeast Europe, IMAGES  ̶  Journal for visual studies, presented its inaugural issue. The specific theme of the volume is Realities in pictures: body, movement, culture with articles encompassing art history, cultural anthropology, media studies and Bildwissenschaft. The intention of the publisher, Center for visual studies in Zagreb, is for the magazine to be in the future fully in English enabling international recognition for a wide community of scholars, as well as to establish a platform for scientific and cultural exchange in practically immense virtual space of the world knowledge. Hereby we invite all interested authors to submit their original papers, essays and book reviews in the area of visual studies for the next issue. The theme of the second volume is After visual (studies) turn: What happened to pictorial representation? Please, submit your articles for a double-blind peer review process until December 15th 2013. More on the subject find here.

Visualizing Europe at the University of Barcelona

The second conference of the initiative entitled Visual Culture in Europe (VCE) will be held from April 11 to 12, 2011 at the University of Barcelona, Spain. Following the first, founding conference held at the University of Westminster in 2010, this second meeting aims at discussing the distinctive problems of the European cultural sphere in the context of the new paradigm in science and theory introduced by visual studies. The organisers are inviting all interested theoreticians of visual culture, scholars, students, curators and visual artists to contribute to the conference by their lectures or presentations or by taking part in roundtable discussions, focusing on the following questions: By what means is visual culture participating in the remaking of Europe? What kind of intercultural visual challenges have emerged within the region during its latest geographical eastward enlargement? By which means and how successfully can 'small' European countries and 'small' European languages realise a space of their own visual, cultural and national identity?

Find out more about the conference here (PDF, 37 kb).

Part One of the Project Visual Culture Studies in Europe:
A Conference at Westminster University

The Center for Visual studies has been invited to participate in a scientific research project entitled Visual Culture Stuides in Europe. This is the first systematic initiative set out to define the status and reach of visual studies on the Old Continent and join the most modern forms of research of visual phenomena today. This call was prompted, on the one hand, by the unimagined development of mediatized visual expressions and the ever stronger domination of the American school of visual studies, and, on the other hand, by the Center's present and past projects which prove it to be an able collaborator. More

Image Science: Visualization and Contemporary Art

The Centre for Visual Studies has started a new scientific research project entitled Image Science: Visualization and Contemporary Art. Image science (Bildwissenschaft) is an articulated complex of newly emerged human sciences which since the period of the iconic turn at the end of the 20th century aim at investigating the epistemological problems of present-day visual culture. The main theoreticians of image science, such as Boehm, Belting, Grau, Sachs-Hombach, Wiesing and Groys, consolidated the understanding of the world of art as a changed relationship between life, technology, science and culture. The world view contained in the very fundaments of this new post-disciplinary science is the image generated artificially or as a form of art from technical information, thus turning into an interactive communication of a wide circle of users. In this way the traditional notion of visual art is replaced by the digital visual arts. More

Visual Culture and New Media

The Center for Visual Studies launched a research study into the interrelations of digital technology and culture, i.e. the relation between the new communication media (the Internet, mobile phone, satellite and digital television, etc.) and visual art. The research brings together various specialists from the fields of art history, history of literature, semiotics, sociology and media theory. Taking into account the tradition in media culture and media art, as well as the importance that new digital technology has in modern Croatian society, we believe the time has come for a certain reassessment of the events on the new media scene in the past twenty-odd years. More

The research and publishing activities of the Center are financially supported by the Foundation of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.